Buying a house do not neglect the details

Moving to a new house is not easy specially if you have kids like me,because you must consider a lot of important matters, like how many are your kids? Is the place will be enough and comfortable for them? If the kids are studying,we need to look house that near to their school, or school that is very accessible for them. You must consider also the location if their is near hospital, near market and accessible transportation. But most specially think if the place is safe for your kids. Observing the neighbor also can be consider but not much. When you moving for a new place, be sure to check the very dangerous electric connection of the house to avoid accident. check water pipeline if it's not yet contaminated to avoid sickness for your kids. Give attention also to the roof of the house, mostly some roofs just being painted to look new, but we don't know that water comes from rain entering inside our house. Last but not the least be sure that the general built of the house must be strong and the place must not be flooded location to be sure of kids safety.

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