Liz Pevytoe

Hi there from Texas.

My name is Liz Pevytoe.

Why did I start this website? To help others sell their houses fast. It seems I have a gift for selling houses. Our first home sold in 12 days. Our second home sold in just 6 days in 2007.

Its all in the preparation and staging. And thats where this website will help you. I will give you step by step instructions on how to get 'er done. (had to throw in some hick somewhere since I am from Texas) Oh yeah, I can help with the moving part too. I moved over 20 times before I got married at age 23. And no I was not a miliary brat, just had parents who moved a lot. I can easily pack up our entire home (around 2000 square feet) in 6-8 hours, not including the garage. That part takes my husband about a month! We just purchased house #3 in July 2010. I will be posting pictures periodically. It was an estate home and needs lots of updating/yard work. Which I will use to show you how to prepare a home and make it show ready.

A little about me: I am a 30 (something) wife of a firefighter, mom of 2 daughters. In my "spare time" I am a registered nurse lactation consultant. I am also a hobby worm farmer. But my latest obsession is working on my websites. I have 3: a breastfeeding site, a worm composting site and this site.

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