FSBO Listings


This section of the website will cover FSBO listings.

There are several things you must complete before listing your home. As we say in the south, "Don't let the cart get before the horse."

If you list the house before you are ready, it will likely just sit there with no lookers.

Preparing your home is of supreme importance. To make sure you house is show ready please read the section preparing your home. first. It is on the navigation bar to your left and it says, "Prep it".

Once you have completed all those tasks and think you are ready to list, then these are the steps to take:

1. Obtain Price Comparisons 2. List in with an MLS service 3. Market it by first putting up a yard sign, then you must list it in the local paper, on craigslist, flyers everywhere you can think of, tell your friends, use facebook and any other ways you can think of doing. Marketing is little more than getting the word out that your house is for sale. 4. Gather home sales documents with a title company.

The last step is JUST DO IT. Want to list your home right here on this website? Sell-Buy-Owner.com is offering FREE listings for a limited time. Come back here often for marketing tips, moving tips and more.

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