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Cheap Manufactured Homes

Cheap Manufactured Homes

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selling my moving truck

I am selling my moving truck for $3,500 or better offer...... emajl m for information at or call me at 9092823313. truck has low mileage

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Never forgot my old house

My father was appointed as a government official in Arunachal, India. His profession required him to move from place to place in about every 6 months.

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Sold our home in India

Thank god! We sold our property My dad decided to sell our ancestral property when i was in my twelfth standard. The property was a old bungalow with 8

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Financing in India

During mid 2009 I was planning to buy my own home. Till then I was staying at rented apartments and every couple of years was going through the rigorous

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Moving too often

As my father is a government employee, shifting our home to new location periodically is not a big surprise for me. Any how moving away from close friends,

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Reducing Clutter while Moving

When I first moved out, I sat down and thought beforehand about how exactly I was going to tackle the task of packing up my things. I decided to only take

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Duplex Living

This happened back in 2005 when I had started dating my girlfriend Lily. We were living with her roommate John in some downtown pit with a broken window

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Military Moves : kids perspective

My father was in the army. During my life at home, we moved 13 times. It can be tough for a kid to do, but it can also be fun to visit different states.

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Renting while in the Military

I am 32 years old , I am residing with my wife , my 7 years son. I believe In today's economy, renting is a better option for some families including my

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Moving out on my own

When I was 21 years old, I moved out of my parents house. I had grown up in a very small town of only about 5,000 people, and I wanted a taste of the city

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tips to sell it

when i decided to sell our home it starts really when you first move in, by keeping the house in good condition which means, maintaining paint work indoors

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Ins and Outs of Military Moving

While stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky I received orders to deploy to Baghdad Iraq. At the time I was renting a two bedroom, one bath duplex in Clarksville,

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Homes are an investment

Money is an essential part of everyday life, people work hard to earn money through which one can satisfy their many desires like to buy a well furnished

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We needed a bigger house

I sold my house one month ago. I was born and brought there, so I always had personal attachment to that house. I never wanted to sell the house, but

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Stressful Moving

Moving is a stressful (but luckily, temporary) time in anyone’s life. I should know – I’ve had the unfortunate displeasure of moving about once a year

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Moving Away From My Condo

It was apparent that I was not going to be able to continue making my mortgage payments on the condomineum I had owned and lived in for seven years. I

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Buying my house

We wanted to buy our first house and we did not have any money by then. It was an interesting experience. We did not have the knowledge of buying a house

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Warming Ceremony

I was staying in my ancestral house, and it was during the time of partition that my family had to shift to another house. My family knew in advance that

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Great pictures help sell a house

I took pictures of the house with a good camera and wide-angle lens. Rooms look twice as big as in real life with a wide-angle lens. Just make sure you

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