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Buying a vacation home direct from the owner can save both buyer and seller a lot of money. BUT there are a few steps you can take to ensure a safe purchase:

1. Tour the property IN PERSON. Do not negotiate any deal online or on the phone. If a personal tour is not possible considering hiring a real estate appraiser to do a property tour/appraisal.

2. Use a title company that is familiar with sales of vacation properties. Homemade paperwork is no good. Must do the paperwork right or this could be catastrophic.

3. Secure appropriate financing BEFORE you begin looking.

4. Review all property disclosures in detail. Especially if it is a timeshare property.

In other words, do your homework, and dont skip any legal steps.


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Selling a vacation home yourself can be a wise option for many homeowners. If your holiday home is in a sought after area, simply posting a FSBO sign and an flyer at the local hangout may be all the marketing you need to do.

But you may need to list your home on MLS (multiple listing service) which you can do yourself online, in order to obtain an offer.

Selling without a realtor will save you commission money but it will require more work on your part. The reward is money in your pocket though!

Tips to selling vacation homes by owner:

1. Stage the house. 2. Clean, declutter inside and out.

3. Put up a proper sign. A CHEAP sign can mean the difference in gettting it sold, really.

4. Market your house: List online, craigslist, facebook, flyers, forums, you name it.

5. Gather the proper documents with a title company.

6. Answer calls promptly.

7. Show house.

8. Follow up with potential buyers.


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