Used Manufactured Home Prices

Looking for used manufactured home prices to start your home search or home sale?

What should you look for when shopping for a used mobile home?Compare cost, floor plans, decor options and placement details. Some manufactured homes come with a lot whereas others you will be required to have your own land for the placement. If you do own your own land, check to make sure the restrictions do not limit having a mobile or modular on the site.

Another cost to consider is the delivery and set up of the home.

Also request warrant information and make sure the home meets code requirements (is liveable).

Consider researching with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to make sure the seller has a good rating.

Are modulars the same as mobiles? No. modulars are manufactured and produced in a off site facility, then assembled on location. This resembles a traditional brick and mortor build. And it cannot be moved once it is built. Mobile homes are built and assembled off site and then simply moved whereever, they are literally portable.


"Can I finance a mobile home?" a very common question.

Click here to go to my article on mobile home financing.

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