FSBO vs Realtor Listing


What is the difference between FSBO vs Realtor Listing for your home?

FSBO aka For Sale By Owner

1. You prepare the house.

2. You list, market and show the house.

3. You facilitate the paperwork with the title company.

4. You keep 100% of the PROFITS from the sale

Summary: you do ALL the work but you keep all the money!

Realtor Listing

1. You Prepare the home.

2. Realtor or agent lists the home, markets and shows the home.

3. Agent facilitates all the paperwork with the title company, you just show up and sign.

4. Realtor keeps 3-5% of the sales price as profit (you can negotiate the percentage at contract signing with agent)

Summary: Real Estate agent (realtor) does most of the work and you share the profit with him/her.

If you are willing to do more of the work, selling your home yourself can make the sale much more profitable to you. But many people simply do not have the time to do this or some simply do not want to deal with all the details/headache. It boils down to: "Is it worth the money and time investment to you?"

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