Buying a house

Buying a house It always works out

That's what our real estate agent told us when our first bid was rejected. I'd fallen in love with the little stone cottage, but my husband wasn't so enchanted with it. It needed a lot of work, and it was already near the top of our price range. When another couple outbid us, I was heartbroken, but our realtor told me that our house was out there, waiting for us. Maybe it was out there right now. I opened up my web browser and started searching again. That night, I found another house, in the same neighborhood as the stone cottage. We went and looked at it the next day. It didn't need as much work as the stone cottage did, and it was cheaper, to boot! It even had two bathrooms instead of one, and the rooms were laid out better, so even though it was a smaller house, it seemed much bigger. We placed a bid on the second house that day and it was accepted immediately. So our realtor was right: it does always work out.

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