Buying my house

We wanted to buy our first house and we did not have any money by then. It was an interesting experience. We did not have the knowledge of buying a house then. Once we decided to buy a house, we started searching around and came to know the tricks of the trade. We needed to go to our bank and arrange a mortgage first of all. To go for the mortgage, I needed to prove to them that I will be able to pay the monthly mortgage in time. To qualify, I needed to show a regular source of income. At last I managed to secure the loan, after going through all the paper work. Next was searching a property. We found one, within our limited budget. The owner was a kind person, and needed to sell his house shortly, as he was moving out the city with a better job to another bigger city. We came to an agreement verbally, before I made the offer through my lawyer to his agent. The offer was accepted and we were give the notification and my lawyer made all the paper work and transferred the mortgage money from the bank to the seller lawyer account and the deal was done. After a couple of days we received a letter with date and time to collect the key of our dream house. The first couple of days were like a dream. We did not have much of the furniture and we were sleeping on the floor, but it was an amazing experience, of having our own house. It was a great thing.

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