Getting a house ready to move

When i first began the process of moving it seemed a little overwhelming. Now to start, the house was not in the greatest shape. The garden and beauty bark had become overgrown and there was some interior makeovers that were needed. So we began the first weekend by doing some clearing and removing plants that might as well be weeds. So we just layed down wood chips so the next owner would have the choice since you want to make them feel like they will have control of their house. The next weekend we stripped down the old wallpaper that was pealing and just made it look tacky. Then applied new paint to one of the bathrooms that needed it. The best thing to do (as told by many friends that sold their houses) is to let the house be altered for the new owner to make it unique to them but still have some unique parts of it left to attract the buyer. It is kind of a balancing act but i hope you are catching my drift.

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