Great pictures help sell a house

I took pictures of the house with a good camera and wide-angle lens. Rooms look twice as big as in real life with a wide-angle lens. Just make sure you don’t use the lens on your mother in law. The fall out is tremendous. I’m just sayin’. Make sure you have great pictures. You might have a ton of traffic on your ad but if you’re pictures are lame, people won’t give you a second look. (on another though, what does that say about your profile pictures? Ok, that’s for another blog post) Even though we did not have a Realtor representing us, we knew that if we didn’t give a commission to the buyers’ Realtor, our house would, somehow, not make into the buyers’ list of properties to tour. That proved to be wise. Now this next step was the most critical: pricing. How to reach the right price is both an art as well as a science. We looked at the prices of houses being sold in our neighborhood—well, those who were sold in the past year—and their price per sf. We looked at houses in our area that have been on the market unsold for a while, some of them for over a year. We also looked at the upgrades we made compared to those houses that were not moving and felt good about the curb appeal our house had. We settled on a price that was very competitive and realized that even though our per-square-foot asking price was on the high end, so was all the extras our home had to offer. Again we knew that we had an extra 3% we didn’t have to pay at closing to a realtor. That’s a significant amount of money.

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