Hiring help to move

We purchased a site and built a house on the site as per our requirements. Then came the difficulty of packing. We did not hire movers, but instead we got big carton boxes to pack our essential items. We got hired help to shift big items like cabinets, Sofas, wooden cots, almirahs, pedestal fans etc. The previous day of our moving out, we had called an electrician to remove the ceiling fans and electrical fixtures. They were packed separately. These were all loaded onto to an open truck which was hired. All brittle items were packed carefully and separately. They were placed in between our clothes in boxes so that they would not touch each other. The brittle item boxes were then kept in our own vehicle. Our items were placed in separate carton boxes with our names marked so that they could be directly kept in our respective rooms to be unpacked. We found a few items which were broken and kept them aside to be thrown. But they were later collected by our hired help.

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