Home Maintenance Checklist


You finally own a home, now what?

You need a home maintenance checklist, that's what.

If your experience is anything like ours, then it will mean frequent trips to Lowes or Home Depot, to do home repairs and upkeep.

Here is a list of regular upkeep items for all homes:

1. Smoke detectors. Builders skimp on smoke detectors. There should be one in EVERY sleep space, in the hallways, kitchen and living room. Change the batteries annually.

2. Carbon Monoxide detectors. A must if you have any gas powered appliances in your home. It is a silent, odor free killer that can be prevented with a detector.

3. Keep air conditioner units clean and free of lawn overgrowth. Also keep ants away.

4. Fertilize grass 2-3 times per year.

5. Clean out flowerbeds in the fall/winter and apply 2-3 inches of hardwood mulch.

6. Trim trees/shrubs in late winter.

7. Pest Control: organic or chemical options. Twice a year application is recommended.

8. Seal decks and wood fences annually.

9. Have carpets cleaned annually and as needed.

10. Power wash exterior of house annually.

11. Inspect gutters and wood exterior for needed repairs annually.

12. Repaint wood on exterior once every 3 years. toilet 13. Septic tank maintenance: traditional taknks apply tank treatment monthly and have tankes pumped every 12-18 months. Aerobic tanks install treatment tablets as directed, have service to check compressor annually.

14. Use drainage declogger on all drains in home annually.

15. Water foundation in summer if you have long periods of drought.

16. In winter apply frost protectors to outside water sources.

17. Annual swimney sweep will help to keep fireplace in tip top shape.

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