Homes are an investment

Money is an essential part of everyday life, people work hard to earn money through which one can satisfy their many desires like to buy a well furnished house with modern technologies or buy a business. If I had enough money I would like to buy a bungalow near a sea face which is my childhood dream. I will do its interior myself, curtains will be of silk fabric ,walls with sky blue hue ,cane furniture ,modular kitchen , Italian flooring and marble ,to make the house smell good and aesthetic I will place scented candles fresh roses ,frames and statues. House is a place where one would like to find solace after a stressed day. I feel like having our own house is very precious in this busy life. It’s a life long investment; it’s not like business where there is possibility that you can suffer loss if business doesn’t work. It will be a shelter for my family from extreme weather. I can rest ,talk ,shout in my home, I can cook what I wish ,use bathroom ,watch television ,listen music without anyone’s interference. I can keep lights on when I need. I can provide roof to any needy whose is new to place, who have an interview or an exam the other day. If I am ill I would like to have rest in my home. I want to buy a house near a sea face, so that I can view sunrise, sunset, and horizon. I can enjoy zephyr. I can go for a mooring walk on beach. No one can leave in a hotel or a hostel for long time. Its fine to stay their if I am in a University or visiting some place. House is must for everyone, even a bird likes to rest in their know nest. House provides happiness, comfort to me, investing my money by buying a house is a like a dream comes true. If I wish to sell it anytime I will get my money back, not like in business if it doesn’t show profit everything is lost. House gives me in return peace of mind; I feel my hard earned money is utilized properly.

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