How to Organize a Closet

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If I could say one thing about how to organize a closet it would be this: Do NOT use a closet, any closet, as a storage shed or catch all.

Just like every room in your house has a purpose, every closet should have a purpose as well. And they should be used to organize items that you still use.


If items are no longer in use, then they should go in the attic or a storage building. Not taking up precious indoor space.

But for those items that are still in use, here are some closet storage tips:

1. Consider a closet storage system. Ikea and the container store have excellent options. Some of the box stores have economical options as well.

2. If you decide NOT to go with a ready made storage system, then I highly recommend bins. Labelled totes.

3. Store off season items in the bins.

4. Consider storing shoes in plastic bins. It will help keep them in good shape and allow for vertical stacking. My sister takes a photo of her shoes and tapes it to the front of the bin for easy access.

5. Multi shelved storage bins are inexpensive and make for great storage in an office closet or for toiletries.

6. Consider installing a peg board in kids closets or office closets to hang items on hooks. You can use plastic zipper bags to place small items like an ipod, simply use a hole punch to make it work on a hook.

ONE YEAR RULE: if something remains in a closet for a year without being used: Get rid of it.

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