How to sell house fast

Article: How to sell house fast.

First a question: How desperate are you to sell? If not desperate, just impatient, then unless you are willing to do major price reductions then learn to be patient and follow the usual steps to list a home: PREP, STAGE, MARKET, SELL.

But if you are in dire need to get it sold right now, it is going to cost you $ but you can sell within a week if you come off the price enough. This is called wholesaling. And you will be marketing your home to investors for a quick sale.

What do they look for?

1. A home in liveable condition with NO major repairs needed, you can be sold quickly for around 20-30% off retail.

2. A home that needs work will be variable 30-50% off market value depending on the work needed. Just call some investors and get some quotes.

In most cases, it is always advisable to put in the sweat equity and do the work yourself so you can save the money.

Decided you do NOT want to wholesale the house? Then here are some articles on preparing your home for sale.

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