I love to move

I am neat FREAK, I put things where they are supposed to be and go nuts when they're not there, one of those people. For some reason, I don't have much of a problem with moving, I actually love moving, I see the bright side. There is a thrill of moving into a new place, learning the area, the ability to use my creative juices in every room if I am lucky. The joy at the new place could only be achieved, though, if the old place is packed efficiently. I pack up my home just like I would pack for a trip. I never wait for the last minute. I start packing for a trip 3 days in advance. The other thing, is that I don't like clutter, so my home doesn't have anything extra. With that in mind, I give each room at least 2-3 days respect, so if you have 5 rooms to pack, allow at least 10-15 days to pack. Get as many boxes as possible, all sizes, because you will be packing efficiently. Living room books go in one box and it should be labeled on all sides. They should all be color coded so all the living room boxes should be labeled in one color and all the boxes from each bedroom should be different colors. Next, everything on the office desk goes into 1 box, everything in one drawer goes into 1 box and so on. Remember, they should all be color coded and stored together, so all the living room boxes should be one color and stored together, while all the boxes from the dining room should be another color and stored together. With all this organization, you won't be able to wait to go into the new place where the first goal is to put the appropriate boxes in their new rooms. This way even if it takes you a while to unpack, at least you would know where to find things, no frustration!

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