Ins and Outs of Military Moving

by Proud Military

While stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky I received orders to deploy to Baghdad Iraq. At the time I was renting a two bedroom, one bath duplex in Clarksville, Tennessee about six miles from Fort Campbellā€™s main gate. I had the option to pack all of my belongings and store them on my own or request the United States Military to pack all of my belongings and ship them to any address in the continental United States. I decided to pack all of my possessions on my own and purchase a storage unit in town to store them in. I figured I would be returning to Fort Campbell upon reentry into the country and I wanted all of my stuff readily available immediately. I began to pack my stuff about two weeks from my deployment date. I started with the stuff I knew I would not need before I left or immediately after I returned. My guest bedroom was the first room I started with. Next I began to box items including out of season clothing, extra bedding, extra towels or bathroom items. While I was packing these things I began to move furniture to my storage unit. Packing a storage unit is like packing a moving truck, a very large Tetris game, just getting pieces to fit all together as to not waste space. Next I packed kitchen items, I began this about a week out. I decided I did not need to be cooking the days before departure; take out would be my food for the next couple of days. Lastly, I packed all the equipment I did not need but would need when I returned, clothes, and shoes. I packed a box specifically for the day I returned. It contained two changes of clothes, a pair of shoes, a pillow and blanket, a clean towel, and personal belongings I knew I would want (necklaces, rings, pictures). One the duplex was cleared out the project of cleaning the place began. All rental companies will inspect the premises for damage you created while residing there. While I was living in this particular duplex the apartment was burglarized while I was at work, so damage created by the incident was reported but I still had to claim responsibility to the damage the criminal did to the window screen and the paint. Tips for moving while in the military: there are two options for moving long distances a military move or a do it yourself move, I always recommend a do it your self move. Solely because you are in complete possession of your belongings the entire move, where as a military move the contractors come pack all of your stuff take it away to a storage unit, unload it, reload it and deliver it to you where ever you are.

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