Making a move easier for the kids


My husband and I got married in a small town, His parents married, and settled here, My parents had married and settled here. When I got home from college, met back up with Micheal, It just seemed right for us to get married, and stay here too.Micheal's parents live two blocks away, and my parents live three doors down. Raising children, was a very easy thing to do here, Our parents helped out so much, it was just so easy to have a large family. Today, fourteen years later, we have three sons, all in which are very involved in sports. Two daughters who are both involved in Girl scouts, and cheer leading. Needless to say a year ago, when I announced we were moving to Hawaii, my kids did not react the way I had expected. I thought, this should be so easy, who would not love to live in Hawaii? I suppose the answer to that was, my children. I was so excited about my promotion with work, I just assumed everyone would be happy about it. I went straight to work, looking for all the sports Hawaii had to offer, what schools were the best to attend, girl scout area's,Cheering squads. Drove myself to exhaustion making sure I was making all the right decisions for the kids. The transition in the very beginning was pretty rough, I wont lie. I admit though, I was not sure for the first three or four months how well this would work out for the children. I saw the first signs of happiness shortly after my boys had their first game, and made relationships with the local kids here, they just started to love it. My girls, went to a few scouting sleep overs, and made great friends with some of the girls from the local church here, and they have started attending.My husband, and my boys have even taken up a new sport, Surfing. I guess, If you want to make it easy for yourself, the whole moving thing. Make sure to research, not just for yourself, but for your kids too. Be sure to have them get involved somewhere right away. Have a plan set in motion, not just for the move itself, but the step after that.

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