Military Moves : kids perspective

by military brat

My father was in the army. During my life at home, we moved 13 times. It can be tough for a kid to do, but it can also be fun to visit different states. The hardest part about moving is going to a new school and not knowing people. I hated the first day of school. I was always scared to not having anyone to sit with at school. The best tip I have was getting into sports. That helped me to adjust faster and meet people. I feel that sports helped me to get into the right crowd of people. I loved trying new sports and it was nice to have a team of friends to hang out with. One school I went to was in the hood. The city had a lot of crime and I was one of the few white people in the school. I was terrified. I hear horror stories that people would get raped while going to the bathroom. I decided to go for it. I went to school with a positive attitude and I decided to try out for the basketball team and made it. Everyone knew who I was. No one messed with me because I was on the basketball team. In the end, I actually liked it. My team was very good to me and we became good friends!

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