Missing my family

There are four members in my family, we stayed in Bareilly for last 3 years. There I met my relatives, friends. I enjoyed with them very much later I came to know that we are shifting to Bombay. I got upset because I have to leave all my friends, school, and my native place. All of my family members were sad and even many problems were created in shifting, packing, and especially to come from there. My friends with whom I shared all of my talks, with them went on picnic, every day when I woke up I use to wait that when shall I reach school and meet them. My small sisters whom I loved a lot and they too loved me whenever I met them we first hug each other then talk a lot. And my friends oh they were very funny, during our examination we all bunk the prayer and go to toilet for revision once teacher caught us and took to principal, she punished us and sent 1 hour late for exam it was my last paper computer. I told my friends about shifting and they all got emotional even me. Packing was too difficult for us as because there were lot of things to do. While bringing thing through luggage we have to take care of all electronics especially TV, Computer and etc. I never hoped that we have to have to shift from there, during shifting my parents were very disturbed as because it is very difficult to settle in an unknown place than to shift. I am gonna miss all of my friends. I still remember all the roads, the ways and some special time spent with my friends. The most toughest thing for me was to leave from there. I want to meet them all again. And live and enjoy as I have done before.........

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