Moving by Bicycle

We recently shifted our home.I started packing things those were not frequently used a month before.I also got some big bags stitched from my old bed sheets.We live in a very small city which has very narrow lanes.Since the distance was too short we decided to get our things shifted on a bicycle-cart.My husband took the responsibility in the new house and I started sending things from the older one.Since the cart was very small only very small number of things could go in one time in the cart.The carpenter was called in the last moment to disassemble our bed,dressing table,etc.It took the whole day to shift.Our 6-7 workers that we had hired were very tough guys.They made the task very easy.Not even a single thing was damaged in around 30-40 rounds between the two houses.We skipped our lunch that day.Since I had shifted my house in holidays I had sent my kids to my mother's place. It was all pre-planned.After everything was sent away from my old house I went to my new house.I was surprised to see that my husband had tried his best to get the things placed in their best possible locations.It was not at all planned and expected from him.It was 8.00 pm and I was very lucky to get a ready tiffin packed from my sister-in-law.It was a sound sleep that night.

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