Moving closer to work

I was living in my old house for some 12 years before I decided to finally part ways with it. I had been allotted a newer and bigger one at a place near my work center. I went to a property dealer straightaway to get the things started with and within a couple of weeks I had completed all the legal documents related to the sale of house. Now was the tough part, moving out. There was just so much in the house and I was all by myself to move everything out securely and without damage and place them in a large container truck. I began with the immovable first that included the king size bed I have. The bigger items were soon followed by the smaller ones and I had it all out of the house in a matter of a few hours. Needless to say I was sweating heavily and panting too. But, it was fun doing it since I came across many a thing which I hadn’t had a view of since a long time. For example there was this album of my college graduation that I don’t remember seeing since a decade. It was pleasant to find such old and memorable stuff when you move everything out. Finding such nostalgic items made me realize the importance of them and I had decided to let them a special place in my new house so that I never miss out on them again in future. Finally, everything was moved into my new house and life was back to normal in a week’s time.

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