Moving Cube

Having moved three times in five years, I've had it with the aggravation involved in a move. And so have my friends, who are probably tired of me asking them to help. So for my last move, I hired a national company who brought a "cube" to my door. These relocation cubes are the way to go! I had time to move at my leisure -- in fact, I barely moved at all. I knew the cube size was 14'x7'x8' and so I measured out a 14'x7' piece of floorspace in my living room and "pretend-packed" that space at my leisure so I knew my stuff would fit in the cube. When the cube came, I hired two movers (through the same company) who had the easy job of taking everything away and reassembling it just like I had it in my living room. Everything fit perfectly, the cube was locked up, and a truck came to haul it away. It couldn't have been easier. Hopefully this will be my last move for a while, but if not, I'll be using another "cube" service!

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