Moving is always a stressful endeavor

No matter how far in advance you begin preparations, the last few days are often hectic and filled with moments of total uncertainty.

My last move was an intercontinental one. I moved from Seoul, South Korea to Washington, D.C. with my husband. When moving between countries, freight shipping companies offer an affordable means to transport large pieces of furniture, vehicles, or household appliances. They are best to use when you have a lot to send, in our case, we did not have a huge amount of things to bring with us.

My experiences with moving have taught me to downsize significantly in the months leading up to the move. Why bother moving a bunch of stuff that I haven't used in a long time or is too worn out to merit paying higher transportation costs (whether it be an oversize fee from an airline, or having to rent a larger moving vehicle)?

The best tip I have for people who are relocating is to be sensible about what you really need to bring with you. You can donate or sell clothes, furniture, and household appliances before you move, then purchase new or used replacements in your new location. Why bother hauling that 5 year old television 300 hundred miles? Sell it on craigslist and invests the profit, no matter how small, into a newer version when you're settled. It usually takes a few days to set up cable anyway!

When it comes to moving, I truly believe that less can be more. If you're moving to an area with unfamiliar weather, you're going to have to buy new clothes anyway!

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