Moving Mess

It was like a bird changing its nest & same was my feeling to relocate my house . A house were my roots were grounded but still needed to move as time required it. What was fascinating was that it was an entirely new experience.. I had searched for a new house, somewhere close to my imagination of a dream house. Then came the tougher part of packing of my never so ending stuff. But the help of professionals made it easy. With kids around it wasn't that easy job but some incidents made it worth remembering.To mention a few , the new landlords confusion regarding the date of my occupation into the house wherein he forgot to hand over the keys.Even after all the hurry & confusion i landed up in my new house.My kids gave all their support in settling down & so did the neighbours who turned out to be very warm hosts.One thing that i would like to share from my experiences is that while moving into a new house & renting a new one be careful about the people involved at each step like the lanlord, neighbour. Also be careful with your belongings during the process.

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