Moving orders

Moving in to a new house is not something new for me, but this time there is a specialty, I am moving into my newly built house. S
elling off my old house was a herculean task, there was no use in putting up the "house for sale" board. There were a few buyers, but they were not offering me a good deal, so decided to put an ad in the classifieds column of the regional newspaper. The result was overwhelming, the house got sold in a couple of days. Packing up all the belongings to the new house was even more difficult. From my previous experiences, I have decided to pack up things according to their fragility. The most fragile belongings were packed in cartons filled with hay and torn paper bits. All the clothes were packed in big bags. Looking after the kids amidst all this chaos was not a good idea, so I dropped them at my friend's house. The aquarium along with other breakable things like glass utensils, television, mirrors etc were moved to the new house in my pick up truck, and the rest was hauled there in a hired truck. I was relieved to see everything unscratched, but that relief was soon over when my wife ordered me to arrange everything in the new house

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