Moving out on my own

When I was 21 years old, I moved out of my parents house. I had grown up in a very small town of only about 5,000 people, and I wanted a taste of the city life. On top of that, I was looking for a steady job, and my small hometown, despite my love for it, didn't really offer a whole lot in terms of opportunities for those seeking decent jobs. I couldn't afford to purchase my own home or anything like that, so I opted for renting an apartment with a friend of mine who was attending university in the city. We found a two bedroom, one bath apartment a few blocks from his school that was not only in a prime location, but a very affordable place. Thankfully, I was able to find a steady job a few weeks later, and my friend and I were able to pay our rent on the time. It didn't take long for our apartment to start to feel like home to us, especially after we furnished it to our liking. It was a bit strange getting used to having to keep the noise down and little things like that, but otherwise, we could not have been happier. The two bedrooms gave us our privacy when we needed it, we had no problem splitting time in the bathroom, and our kitchen and living areas were more than we needed. Finding an apartment in a big city can be a really difficult task, but with a little luck and a little hard work, we were able to find a great place that suited our needs for the right price.

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