Moving over the years

In the fall of 2006 I moved to my first apartment. I really didn't have that much of a luggage back then, but still it was a big deal for me. I had to go to a new place, new town, all on my own without anyone helping. After one year I had to leave the apartment for a summer job. The picture was pretty different from the time I moved in. I had so much stuff, that I needed to hire a truck and transport them all to a friend of mine. And before doing that I needed a couple of days to pack everything and clean the place. Ever since, it takes more and more time to pack and move. During the years my possessions, although not that expensive, are getting more and more, occupying more and more space and taking more and even more time to pack. This made me think - what if I have a family and we have been living in a house for 5 or more years? I have seen what a garage sale looks like and this accumulation of belongings is the main reason such auctions exist. How should I proceed in moving my whole family's belongings? As a pragmatic person I most probably would first look for professionals that will do most of this for me. And if the price of this service pleases me, I would definitely go for the lazy approach - get someone do this for you. Losing a week or even two, for such manual labor exercise is not even always an option. Right now I am on exactly that kind of a job that wouldn't allow it. If there isn't a magical service like that, well, too bad - I think it has a future. But after all, even if you have to move on your own, I guess such an endeavour would only make the connection to your family stronger.

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