Moving Overseas with Animals

I moved from England to Ireland with a cat and a horse! When moving animals it is important to check well in advance the health requirements of the country you are going to and arrange for any necessary certificates or vaccinations. All animals must have a passport and be micro chipped. Unless you are transporting your own horse, it is best to use specialist livestock transporters who have luxury Lorries with CCTV, experienced grooms and overnight stabling facilities en-route. Make sure the horse is well-insured. In our case our pet cat flew with us to our destination so an airline approved carrier is required. The same is required for dogs. Cover the base of the carrier with absorbent puppy pads in case your pet soils the carrier. The pet will stay comfortable until you can change it. Make regular rest stops to offer your pet food and water and don't worry too much if they don't eat. For nervous animals your vet will advise if a mild sedative can be used. Make sure you have a supply of your pet�s normal food if possible so as to avoid any tummy upsets while changing over to a local brand. Most pets travel well and we are more anxious than they are. It was a little disconcerting when walking from the aircraft to see our tabby cat in his carrier being stacked up with the suitcases on the luggage wagon and we were very happy to see him once we had got t the baggage claim. Do your research and prepare for your pet�s journey and it will be a trauma free experience.

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