Moving Pro

I can pack up my entire 2000 square foot house in 48 hours. Minus the garage. That takes another full day and that part is my husbands job.
Why am I so fast? Because I have moved some 30+ times in my life. As a child, we moved every year, sometimes more often. Nope, I am not a military brat. My parents had wanderlust and were renters, so rather than staying in the same rental, they just moved. Kinda crazy, but that is all I knew. We kids each packed up our rooms in a few hours then we helped mom pack up the rest of the house in a few afternoons after school.
I never will understand why it takes people so long to pack. Really 2-3 days should be sufficient for any size house.
Wrap it up, put it in a box and tape it closed. Oh and label the box. Done!
Clean it when you UNpack.

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