Moving Timeline

Your moving timeline might differ if you are selling a house and have accepted a quick closing date. Push everything forward as necessary to accomplish your move as quickly and easily as possible. As Soon as Your House Goes on the Market,Purchase packing supplies, such as tape, boxes and wrapping papers or plastics. Buy stickers or red markers to flag fragile packages.Start keeping track of all moving expenses, because some might be tax deductible. Pack unused items that you plan to keep. Label each box's contents and store the boxes in a safe but out of the way location where they won't interfere with showings.Donate unneeded items to charity or have a garage sale to get rid of them. If you're hiring movers, get price estimates and a list of services. Place your order when you know you have a firm move date.If you're moving yourself, check moving truck prices and reserve a truck.On Moving Day,Walk through every part of the house to find stray items, opening cabinet and closet doors. Make sure you have keys to your new home. Supervise movers as they load, then again at delivery to make sure boxes and other items go to the right rooms at your new home.

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