Moving to a new house

Well, here is my story: Just about a year and a half ago, I used to live on a flat at the surroundings of the city. I lived there with my mother and my little brother, and we were very happy there, until an enormous building on the next block was built. The car traffic started to be unsupportable, annoying, and we decided to search for a new place to live. We had always dreampt about living on a big house, with a backyard and some pets, and that was the perfect opportunity. After searching for about 2 months, we found a beautiful house with an immense backyard. The house of our dreams, made real. The price was pretty high, but my mom negotiated it, and the owner made us a 15% discount. On one hand, the worst part for me was the moving: I used to have all my belongings well placed on my old room: everything was exactly where it had to, but on the moving, I had to put everything in big boxes, and it all became mixed up. I totally recommend people who want to move, to write down onto the box what it has inside, e.g. dishes, kid’s toys, electronics, etc. On the other hand, I loved the moment when we arrived to our new home, and we picked up all our stuff and started to accommodate it on its new place. There is one thing I must admit: regardless your age, moving from a flat to a house is an exciting experience; I hope everyone could feel how I felt in that moment.

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