Moving too often

As my father is a government employee, shifting our home to new location periodically is not a big surprise for me. Any how moving away from close friends, school, location, my love and language is a very painful one. So I am trying to narrate my voyage in life through this short note. My first home shift was at the age of 5, at that time I was not having any issue in location change. As my parents bought a fully furnished home, with the help of a distant relative. We are not having any issues in shifting too, Just a quite simple shift, there I started my schooling. At the age of 9 again we are forced to change our location, but this time my parents tried for a rent house, my father consults different dealers to get a house for rent. So we shifted to that location with all contents of our second home to a new one, new place new neighbors, really boring for some days, at that time I meet my friend Robbin. Along with Robbin months and years flew in a flash, All neighbors are in harmony with us and really a great atmosphere. At the age of 15 another major transfer for my dad, that time it was to Tamil Nadu in India. So it was a tedious shift, the main reason is we are very sad to leave our friends and neighbors. Reaching Tamilnadu is a little luck for me, there I meet my girlfriend. So college days flew with colors, i got a chance to gather a group of close friends. So life start to blossom in that city. Another great turning point occurred at the age of 19, that took our family to shift our location to Kerala in India. There we bought a new home with all house hold items and shifted our location. It was really a sad time there. No way to find my girlfriend and it was similar to be in a jail. So by last year we constructed a new home in Kerala with the help of a construction agency and bought all house hold items for my home and got married with the same girl from tamilnadu, shifted to my new home. It was really a great experience to shift locations periodically. According to my experience even though we get a lot of new friends and new exposure to different culture, it is really painful to leave from our friends to shift to a new location. Now I took a strong decision that my daughter will not have this kind of a strange feeling in her life by shifting to different places. Let her live in her native town.

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