Moving via CAR

Moving from one house to another hosue is a very difficult thing to do in life. It also brings a lots of happiness and joy of moving in a new house and sadness of leaving old house and irritation also to move all the luggages and setting up new house. Selling my home was a bit difficult as my building had became very old it needed a bit of repair. But after a long long long search of 6 months , i got a builder who was ready to buy my house in a fair rate and bingo i sold my house to that builder . He wanted old house for her sister. I had already bought new house before selling old house. I found very difficult to shift all my luggages for old house to new house. I had hired a packers and movers company for shifting purpose but they dint turn up thatt day as they suddenly had dtrike that particular day . so personally , i had to take all my luggages in my own car and had to shifting because was not able to wait for next day as had to handover keys on that particular day. It took me whole day and approximately 10 rounds in my car to complete all my shifting . As soon as all my shifting was over i took a breather. But all was not done yet had to setup everything in my new house. I can tell just one thing that it was a hell of a shifting that day .

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