Moving while Pregnant

The last time we moved, I was 6 months pregnant with our daughter. We needed to move to a larger apartment to accommodate a family of three. The biggest problem we had was that I was not able to lift much of anything due to the pregnancy.

Therefore, we decided to hire a moving company to help us out. They were great. They showed up early in the morning with 4 men and a large truck. It was the day after Christmas, but they were willing to come out and move us early in the morning, so we were very grateful. Most of our things were already packed, but there were a few things that were more difficult, and they assisted us with those last few things. For example, our clothes were still hanging in our closet because we were not sure how to best pack them up, but the movers sold us a few hand wardrobe boxes for the hanging clothes. It was great!

When we got moved in to our new place, we gave the movers coffee and donuts for a job well done. My advice for expectant mothers going through a big move is to get lots of help, because it's worth it! Also, make sure you have extra water and food on hand so you don't get hungry or dehydrated. That was super important throughout my pregnancy, especially on such a big day.

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