Moving with 3 cats

Last February, we sold our house in Missouri and moved to Virginia. The packing and moving of our belongings went without any incident as we had professional movers and packers handling everything. However, the fun, the excitement, and the drama were in trying to move our three cats 1200 miles halfway across the country.
After much thought and deliberation, we decided the best way to move our cats was to have them ride in the car with us. Now, anyone owning cats would know that cats, unlike dogs hate car ride.
We prepared for the long drive by reserving a room at a pet friendly hotel, located at about the halfway point on our route. On the day of the trip, “prepared” the car for our cats by: having food and water for them and a small disposable litter box. We placed them on the opposite floor boards below the back seat. We brought along their favorite toys and cat carrier. It is a trip we will never forget. All 3 of or cats started crying the moment I started the engine. My wife looked at me and we both knew this was going to be “fun” journey. Well, they cried and meowed all the way. If one was quiet, the other 2 will take up the duty. They competed to climb and cuddle up on our laps. We made our journey without any nasty incidents. We are glad our cats are with us. If you ever think about moving you cats with you in you car, make sure you have plenty of patience.

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