Moving with Babies

With two infants and aged mother it was really an awesome experience for me to sell my house and property and move to another house. I had a plan to sell my house due to some debts and it didn’t materialize for a long time. However, on a fine day, one gentle man came to my house with a broker and offered a decent price to my house and property. I just consulted with my family and decided to sign in an agreement taking 10000 rupees as advance amount. The agreement was for three months and they said if they can obtain money early they would settle it early. As expected they did it within two months! I was fish out of water. I was in a great dilemma to vacate the house as it was raining heavily. It was the onset of monsoon in my area. Packing the luggage also was risky as our two infants below the age of three won’t allow us to be free. However, some of my neighbors and brother-in-law helped me in packing and transporting the luggage to my new house. In fact, I went to look for a rented house but eventually ended up buying it. It was under construction. I had to do some flooring, fixing doors and windows. I got them done in a couple of weeks and those days I was deprived of sleep. I would return home only after midnight. It was really painful to leave my sold house as I had stayed there for many years. My family also was in tears when we left the house. I still remember an accident happened to my wife when she was packing the luggage. She was trying to remove an iron rod and it struck to her eyes. I took her to hospital and she had some stitches. Fortunately the wound was not fatal. Another great mental turmoil was to get adjusted to the new house. It is said that when one leaves one house to another, there would be starvation for three months. When I look back to that incidence in my life, I still can’t believe how it was made possible in just two weeks! I know many people who are struggling for years to sell their property and get a new one. I believe that it was by god’s grace that I could materialize it. Next time if I want to sell my house I would go ahead with some more better planning as I had many losses due to poor planning! I would search for a new one on the following day I sign in the agreement. I wouldn’t waste even a single moment unnecessary looking for plots and houses here and there. I would rather choose the best from many.

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