Moving with Children

My best advice is to leave out a few of your kids' toys when packing them all up to move. I have three children, and I made sure to leave out a toy for each so that they would be occupied and not running around underfoot. It is best to choose something portable, with no small pieces, and easy for the child to play with on their on. I chose a toy computer, a truck, and a doll. If you don't pack any toys, your children are going to get bored quickly while boxes are being packed and unpacked. They will have nothing to do and will want to help. If they're older, they can do this, but mine were all under five years old. Their idea of helping was to put things where they didn't belong and make a pretty big mess. Moving is stressful enough without that added on. Giving them toys allows them to sit somewhere out of the way and play until everything is situated. It saved our family tons of hassle. I now recommend all of my friends do this if they have young children.

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