Moving without much trouble

The first thing which may come to your mind when you think moving is trouble. But for me it was not the case when we moved for the first time, instead it was an emotional issue. Leaving the house you have been living for 10 or 15 years of life is not easy. Memories will keep coming to your mind. Regardless of that, we were also excited about our moving. We needed to move because my dad got promoted and he had his new office to the other state where we bought a larger and more beautiful house. But it took months of preparation for our move. We listed every item we had, the items we wanted to take with us and those we needed to dispose. Some of the items we wanted to keep us badly but we had to dispose those as those would not fit in our new house. Each of the members of our family had their own list and we each item had a description. The lists were very long I must tell you. But make your list as detail as possible because it will come to help later. We took the help of a local moving company and they were highly trained professional. For us they handled all the troublesome work. If you are considering moving then you need to choose the company with careful planning. But the biggest task was to sell our old house. We were in dilemma whether to sell it or keep it. After considering all the factors we decided to sell our old house. We posted in a local website that we wanted to sell our house. There were no buyers for a while but later we had couple of buyers. There were normal troubles like showing them the house and negotiating the prices. But eventually we sold it successfully. Eventually, the day we needed to move came and we all were nervous and anxious. All the items were packed carefully by the assigned company the evening before that day, so we woke up in that morning waiting for the cars to come and pick the packages. When all the packages were put in the cars we started our journey. We reached at the new house by mid noon. The experts then unpacked and put all of them according to our request. They were neat, tidy and fast. By the evening they had finished working and we moved to our rooms. It was a job well done by them. We could not imagine a better way to do this. Later one that night, we had our dinner at our new house with the expectation for a brighter future and a new beginning.

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