Not happy about Moving

My old home story When i was 12 year's old,father sold our home because of some financial conditions. My father had never told me about our home. And suddenly at one day father said me that," son just pack your goods we are going to our new house". At that time i felt very bad because i loved my house so much. I got angry and i said my father that," i will not leave this home if you wants to go you can".Father took me aside and start conveying me. After long time i got satisfied. When my parents was busy in packing,i went towards different parts of home and conveying myself that i will never leave you. because i had tight attachment with my house,my soul not allowing me to go outside the house. After some time i got ready to pack my goods,and started packing them. Along with goods i started accumulating some memorable things. My father started telling me the interesting things about our new house. I got happy and started dreaming about new home. My mood changed suddenly. My sister was busy in packing her goods but she was unhappy. I told her about our new house that it is very beautiful than this. Then and then also she was not happy. But my old house was very beautiful and I will never forget it. But i don't knew that we had took the new home on rent. At this age also I have strong attachment felling with my old house. Father called a four wheeler to shift the goods to new house. And at that time I again felt very bad because i knew that i will never see this home again.we puted goods in vehicle with tears in our eyes.As soon as the vehicle conducted the journey i started crying and i don't understand that when i slept. This is the my old home story which is very painful to me right now also.

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