Plan Ahead to Make a Smooth Move

When my husband and I purchased our first home, I started packing our possessions. Excluding day-to-day necessities, I boxed up everything possible: decorative items, personal mementos, books and video games, out-of-season clothing. Banana and apple boxes from the local grocery store worked perfectly, as anything sturdy enough to hold produce will withstand heavy books and glass items. The best thing is, they are free.

Taking a week off work, we sanded, painted, and installed ceiling fans, with a little help from family. Professionals were called upon to replace the carpet in the top two levels of the house. For anyone moving into a new home, a word of advice: if you do not use it, do not take it with you. Donate to charity, or toss anything that is broken, torn, or otherwise unfit for future use.

If you plan to purchase new furniture, be absolutely certain it will arrive in time for your move in date. Although we ordered from a popular national furniture store, our living room and bedroom were unfurnished for a month. Fortunately, we took our old bed with us, but camp chairs served as less suitable substitutes for a couch.

Ignoring this small setback, preparation played a major role in our ability to enjoy our new home right away.

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