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Considering Pod Storage or moving storage companies for simplifying your move?

On our last move (summer 2010) we used a storage pod and it was money well spent. In fact, it is still sitting in our backyard some 2 months later. We have the option of taking our time to unload it, which has been nice. Living in TEXAS unloading it during 100 degree weather was not appealing so we are waiting until it cools off. Yes, it cost us the monthly storage fee but it is worth it, in our opinion.

Likewise, we were able to get the box delivered to our house 3 weeks before our move. So we could gradually load it.Moving Containers come in various sizes from many different companies now. The drop off/pick up is often included in the price.

Something to remember is that these units are not climate controlled and they get VERY hot and I am sure cold in winter. It would not be advised to store items that could melt or rot in them.

Check your phonebook, or do a google/yahoo local search to find a retailer near you.

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