Pre-Showing Checklist

All over house: Empty the garbage in each room Dust and vacuum Open blinds to make rooms brighter Turn on lights, even during the day Bedrooms: Straighten up closets Beds are nicely made Dirty clothes in closed hamper Toys picked up and put away in children’s rooms Bathrooms: Put away everything that isn’t essential such as hand soap, towels, etc. Drawers and cabinets are cleaned and uncluttered Clean the shower and tub Fold towels neatly Put the toilet lid down Kitchen: Dishes should be in dishwasher or put away, don’t leave anything in the sink De-clutter the countertops… put away toaster, coffee maker, blender, etc. Clean and organize the refrigerator Cabinets and pantry are tidy Stove, stovetop and microwave clean of food stains Take out garbage and recycle Living Room: Straighten pillows and cushions on the couch and chairs Turn answering machine volume to low so they don’t hear people leaving you messages Dust television screen Office: Tidy up Dust computer monitor Hallway Closets/Storage Areas: Double check that they are neat and orderly (towels nicely folded, etc.) Pets: Clean kitty litter Fresh water in bowls, or put away until they leave Fresh food in bowls, or put away until they leave Clean the fish tank if needed Clean cages for birds, hamsters, etc. Yard: Mow lawn, rake leaves during autumn Sweep walkway and doorstep Turn on outside lights if evening time Pick up after pets and put away outdoor toys and tools Change of Address Checklist Utility Companies: Electric Gas Water/sewer Garbage/recycle Home phone Cell phone Internet/cable Publications: Newspapers Magazines Newsletters/other subscriptions Family: Employer/benefits/401K Schools Children’s organizations Memberships (athletic clubs, discount warehouses, libraries, etc) Relatives, friends, business associates Government: Department of Licensing Post office Voter registration Financial Institutions: Banks Credit cards Store cards Financial advisor/investments Charities Professional Services: Family doctor Dentist/orthodontist Optometrist Attorney/CPA Real estate broker Loan officer Veterinarian Insurance Agencies: Life Home Auto Health

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