Renting while in the Military

I am 32 years old , I am residing with my wife , my 7 years son. I believe In today's economy, renting is a better option for some families including my family. With the downfall of the economy and the loss of so many jobs, renting a home is a less expensive way for some individuals for me it is my job the reason we change to place to place. Either families had to sell or foreclosure was the only option they had when the economy took the downward turn. Therefore, renting a home became the most convenient option available to me hit hard from the economic change. One of the most important ideas to keep in mind when looking for a new home is, is this a suitable place. I always have to think about, where the kids will go to school, is this neighborhood safe, and most important will they be happy living here. So now i am move to Chicago This wasn’t my first move by far. My family and I have moved almost every year since I started working for US military. We have lived in Texas, Minnesota. In the middle of my 27’s we decided to move to New york as i was deputed by US military. It is very hard to migrate each and every year and to settle in any corner of America. When I moved to chicago I faced some difficult tasks like my son educational problems , as my wife who just got a job at the nearest hospital in Manhattan where we use to live before Chicago as she wasn’t ready for moving to Chicago because she started liking her job. But than she realise it was on the cards and one the we have to leave Manhattan. The day when we started packing my neighbour friend came by to greet but than when he saw packing us he advice us to register with DHL packers and movers after his advice our packing and moving problem become easy.

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