Repairs before moving in

My experience with moving was not very pleasent. I was actaully approved to by a short sold home last Friday. It took months to go through. I started the process in August and have finally closed on it on November 4th. I was very excited at first. My boyfriend and I decided on Friday we would patch up all the dry wall holes and repaint all the walls. Sunday we had eight of our friends help us. Beer and pizza goes along way for men in their mid twenties! They helped us move our things from my parents' house, the condo I used to live in, my boyfriend's house, and his storage place. It was a collaborative effort. I would say the move was orchestrated fairly well. Everything had been fixed and the carpets were professionally cleaned before we moved all the furniture. This was key since it saved us time when we painted, and it also saved us money because the carpet cleaners did not have to move any furniture. If you have patience and are not on a time constraint, such as a lease, buying short sale is a wonderful option. I bought a $140,000 house for $114,000. I also used all the payment assistance in which I qualified. I'd recommend any new home buyer to check out the down payment assistance programs in their state. I live in Missouri so I researched the Missouri Housing Development Commission for help. I got 3% of my loan paid for and only had to put down .5% of the FHA loan. Since it took a while, the interest rate also went to down.75% so I got my interest rate at 4.25%, which is transferable upon selling. I feel I did the best I could,a dont I think it's important for every home buyer to go to seminars, look at community newsletters, and keep an open communication with your real estate agent. My real estate agent made my options easy to understand, and I would not have gotten the best deal if it wasn't for her.

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