Selling a house is never an easy task

First and foremost it becomes so difficult for one to overcome his emotional sentiments attached with a particular home.
A house becomes a HOME once you start loving it. I had a home which was required to be disposed off,even after residing in it for several years.The main purpose of doing so was because I had purchased a house in the area where I live and was very difficult to maintain the old house.
I happened to come across a person who was very interested in buying my old house. All the process went on very smoothly and at last I handed over the papers to the concerned party. The person who was to take over the house had done all the ground work for me.
I had to then go and get all the things packed by the Movers and packers. The goods were then shifted to my new residence. I still cant forget how I sold my house in 2 weeks time.

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