Selling my house in Mumbai


I had a own house in Mumbai.I was in need of money for my fathers operation. But no one came front to buy it. I was thinking very much about that. I did not get any idea about how to sell my house. Just because it was a slum are no body is willing to buy it . So i decided to modify my house so that it will look like a new house. One of my brothers friend asked me about my house then I told I am going to sell my house . Then he asked how much you are going it to sell for. I told that the worth of this house might be around 3 million but i am going to sell for only 2 million that too your are my brothers friend so that you can pay half of the money and the rest within 4 to 5 months and finally he was very happy about it . And me too because I sold it. And I finally got the money and gave it for my fathers operation.

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