Sold our home in India

Thank god! We sold our property My dad decided to sell our ancestral property when i was in my twelfth standard. The property was a old bungalow with 8 rooms. Though, it was not in a good condition the property was in a thickly populated and wealthy area. As the place was well known for its comforts like bus stand, railway station, hospitals and schools, we expected to sell it for huge price. Everything was in a good pace, but the only criteria was to vacate the old tenant. The tenant was a troublesome man and did not want to vacate the home. My dad pleaded him, warned him and tried many a things to pacify him, but nothing worked out. So, we decided to take the help of police to vacate them. My dad complained against the tenant in police station and the police accepted our complaint. The next day, police investigated the tenant and asked him to leave the home within a month. The tenant was scared and agreed to police instructions. The next month, our tenant rendered his sorry to my dad and left the home. And that was the day my dad felt himself as the happiest man in the world. We gave advertisement in paper & internet and we received many obligations. We took time to decide the price of home and finally settled down to a north Indian for a price of Rs. 20 lakhs. Though we were happy for selling our ancestral property, we feel for missing our ancestral treasure.

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