Staging a House to Sell

For some, staging a house to sell, comes easier than for others. Some view home staging as making a house show like a model. I prefer to look at it like making a house feel like "home" to a potential buyer. Like they would want to move in, NOW.

This process should not be confused with preparing a house to sell.

Preparation is getting everything in working order. Staging is setting the scene to SELL.

Go from Blah:

staged bathroom before

To OOO La La:

staged bathroom after

Here are some key tips to staging:
1. NO clutter anywhere
2. All beds made
3. Each room is tidy: no piles of laundry, no toys or misc junk
4. Fragrance: make it smell clean and pretty
5. Fresh flowers to at least 2 rooms
6. Carpets vaccuumed before each showing and floors mopped
7. Animals Kenneled. NO roaming dogs or cats at all.
8 Everything shines: literally. Windows, faucets, no dust anywhere.
9. Up to date decor: if out of date, remove it
10.Neat and tidy yard, closets and garage.

Kid tip: keep a basket in each room where you can quickly gather toys before a showing.

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